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       M.Phil and Ph.D Disserations

University / Institute Researcher Topic Degree Status
Aligarh Muslim University Md. Fakhre Alam Poverty and Environmental Sustainability in India: An Economic Analysis Ph.D Completed (2005-06)
CBM College Gopalakrishnan Impact of Water Pollution on Rural Households M.Phil Completed (2005-06)
Central Institute of Fisheries Education Biswajit Debnath Resource Cost Ratio Approach to Promote Aqua-Business Units: Selected case studies from East and NE India Ph.D Completed
Centre for International Trade and Development, JNU Ms Nemika Relhan Health impacts of air pollutants from coal based power generation Ph.D Ongoing
(2002 -)
Ms Susmita Sahu Bio-socio-economic Analysis and Incorporating Community Preference in Resource Management: A Case Study of Fisheries Ph.D Completed
Centre for Research on New International Economic Order (CRENIEO) Mr. Hameed Basha Impact of self help groups on socio economic conditions of women in kadappakkam panchayat of ponneri taluk in tiruvallur M.Phil Completed
Mr. Rajesh Khanna A study on socio-economic conditions of Fisher folk realized with special reference to padu system in Pulicat Lake, TN M.Phil Completed
Mr. V. Shivashankar A Study of impact of tribal devlopment prog. with special refer. to the Malyali tribals of jawadhu hills in vellore dt. M.Phil Completed
Ms. K. Chitra Kala A study on the working of voluntary agencies in the solid waste management of chennai city M.Phil Completed
Mr. Venkata Ramanaiah Impact of Agricultural Activities on the Nelapattu and Pulicat bird sanctuaries M.Phil Completed
Ms. O. Maanvizhi A Study on water pollution with special reference to coovum river in chennai city M.Phil Completed
Ms. P. Pallavi Air pollution with particular reference to vehicle emission in selected areas of chennai M.Phil Completed
Gauhati University

Bhupur Saima Environmental Impact of Industrialization Ph.D Completed
Defabani chakraborty Impact of Vehicle Polution Ph.D Completed
Gobi Arts & Science College

Ganesan Demand for drinking water - A contigent valuation approach M.Phil  Completed
S.A Parvathi Devi Gobar gas: Social cost & benefits Ph.D Completed
Jawaharlal Nehru College Bappa Ghosh Cost Benefit Analysis of Medicinal Plants Ph.D Completed
Lady Doak College (Autonomous) Ms. Baby Joy Impact of vaigai river pollution on health status of washerman M.Phil Completed
Ms. K. Ramalakshmi A study on impact of indoor air pollution on health status of women M.Phil Completed
Ms. Linda Philip Attitude towards Environmental Pollution of urban people in Thirumangalam Town M.Phil Completed
Ms. Yadhika Limbu Integrated pest management: Adverse effect of pesticides on agriculture M.Phil Completed
Madras Institute of Development Studies(MIDS) M Arivalagan Forests, Environmental Change and Tribal Communities in Colonial Tamil Nadu Ph.D Ongoing
Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra Socio-economic, technical, institutional & environmental factors affecting water management in the Hirakud Command Area, in Orissa Ph.D Ongoing
Madras School of Economics PrakashNelliyat Economics Assessment of Industrial Water Pollution; A Case Study of Industrial Pollution in Tiruppur Ph.D Completed
Sacchidananda  Mukherjee Environmental and Natural Resources Economics Ph.D Ongoing
Sreekanth. V Alternative Economic Instruments to Control Vehicular Pollution Ph.D Completed
Manipur University Kh.Rameswor Singh Environment and Economic development Ph.D Completed
Osmania University Mr.Rajender Kumar Economic and Environmental aspects of Thermal Power stations. M.Phil Completed
Mr.Ravindra Economic and Environmental Significance of Organic Pesticides. Ph.D Completed
Mrs. V. Padmavati Alternative fuel in vehicles - cost and convenience factors. A case study of Maruthi 800s M.Phil Completed
Ms.M.Gopika Vehicular Pollution in Twin Cities of Hyd and Secbad. M.Phil Completed
Ms.M.Sudha Economic costs of Effluent treatment. A case study of chemical and drug industries, Patencheru M.Phil Completed
Periyar University M. Siddaraju Economic Analysis Ecological Agriculture in Karnataka Ph.D Completed
PSG College of Arts and Science G.Narasimha Raghavan N.A Ph.D Completed
V. Sumathi N.A Ph.D Completed
School of Industrial Fisheries Baby.P.K. Impact of Pollutions Ph.D Completed
Susan-Abrahama Wetland Valuation Ph.D Completed
University of Jammu Gopi Puri Rural Poverty, Environmental Degradation and Migration: A Study of Semi-Arid Areas of Jammu and Kashmir Ph.D Completed
Zakar Hussain Environmental-Economic Analysis of Integrated Watershed Development Project in Jammu and Kashmir Ph.D Completed
University of Mysore P.Babu An Economic Analysis of Medicinal Plant Conservation in India Ph.D Completed


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