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   Air and Water Pollution, and Solid Waste Management

   Institute/University Author(s) Title Publication Particulars
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symposium on ‘Economic Growth, Sustainable Human Development and Poverty Alleviation in India’, January,  1992
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Jadavpur University M.R. Gupta Environmental problems and urban informal sector in a less developed economy - A Theoretical Analysis Mimeo
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   Resource Economics

   Institute/University Author(s) Title Publication Particulars
Berhampur University H.K. Satapathi, N.C. Sahu &  M.K. Mishra Ecological economics of cashew: Study of a region Under Review
N.C. Sahu Economics of forest resources: Problems and policies in a regional economy B.R. Publishing  Corpn., 1986
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College of Fisheries R. Bhatta (coauthor) Decline of collective estuary management institution in India; implications for sustainable coastal resource development Environmental Conservation (forthcoming)
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   Energy, Environment, and Economy Interface  

   Institute/University Author(s) Title Publication Particulars
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   Global Environment Issues

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