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The basic objective of the workshop conducted for the Ph.D scholars pursuing research in environmental economics is to ensure that they get some feedback from the experts on their thesis work.

The useful information about this workshop is that this kind of short-term training programmes would help the research scholars to trace out any specific article that they are not able to get at their university. They can get a copy of the same from the hosting institute or from the co-participating scholars and experts. 

The research scholars will make a brief presentation on their thesis topic (25 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussion). 

Apart from the presentations by the Ph.D research scholars on their thesis work the workshop would also cover special lectures from eminent experts of the environmental economics field. Followed by a panel discussion in the program. 

Day 1

Session 1 – Pollution Abatement and Policy Options

Lectures on following topics

"Policy alternatives to control vehicular pollution"

          "Economics of collective action for common effluent treatment plants (CEPTs) and a game theoretic approach to the problem of cost allocation in CETP – with a relevant case study”

Session 2 – Pollution and Impacts - 1   

Lectures on following topics

"Economics of solid waste management – A case study of a success story"

"A study of the problem of dust pollution of some highly polluting industry"

Session 3 – Sustainable Development - 1

Lectures on following topics

"Common property resources and rural poor – Case study"

"Marine fishing and sustainable development of fishermen"

Day 2

Panel Discussion on the Theme: Local Pollution Vs. Global Pollution – Developing country concerns

Session 4 – Forestry and Land Use – 1

Lectures on the following topics

"Economics of biodiversity conservation: A case study"

"Economic valuation of tropical forests: A case study"

Session 5 – Environment and Economy Interaction

Lectures on the following topics

"A study of commercial energy and environment of the Indian economy"

"Energy and environment policy issues in India : Inter-fuel substitution, energy efficiency, energy demand and CO2 emissions reduction options in Indian industry"

"Environmental quality and economic growth"

Session 6 – Forestry and Land Use – 2

Lectures on the following topics

"Ecological, Economic and Institutional Aspects of shifting agriculture: A case study"

"Dimensions of economic valuation of the Indian forest ecosystems"

Day 3

Session 7 – Pollution and Impacts – 2

Lectures on the following topics

"Economics of water quality"

"Economics and social impacts of industrial pollution"


Session 8 – Forestry and Land use – 3

Lectures on the following topics

"Economic growth, environment and sustainable development: An empirical study"

"Economics of farm forestry"

"Socio-economic vulnerability to the impacts of forest depletion"

Session 9 – Sustainable Development – 2

Lectures on the following topics

"Appropriate technology for sustainable development in semi-arid regions of India "

"Technology, land-use and eco-system: Economic case studies for India "



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