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Asian News Digest 
Asian news digest a weekly record on governance, economy, development, human rights, and environment 
Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution 

Down To Earth 
The Society for Environmental Communications started India s only science and environment fortnightly, Down To Earth (DTE). DTEs sphere of influence is not just limited to India

Environmental Concerns in India 
The Centre for Human Ecology is a network for ecological and social transformation. We offer challenging courses for people who want to "be the change," help organisations pursue greener, more ethical practices, and work towards tackling the root causes of global issues. Drawing on a holistic understanding of environmental and social systems, we develop practical solutions and influence new thinking. Committed to enduring, systemic change, our approach engages head, heart, and hand integrating reason, passion, and action for a better world 

Man and Environment 
Man and Environment is the journal of the Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies (ISPQS). It is published twice a year in June and December. According to the society "It publishes original research papers, review articles, short research notes and book reviews." 

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