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ECO-Marks Scheme 

Scheme of Labelling of Environment Friendly Products (ECO-MARKS). This scheme aims at Labelling of Environment Friendly Products. The scheme operates on a national basis and provides accredition and labelling for household and other consumer products, which meet certain environmental criteria along with quality requirements of the Indian Standards for that product. Any product, which is made, used or disposed of in a way that significantly reduces the harm it would otherwise cause the environment, is considered as Environment Friendly Product. This scheme was introduced with the following objectives 

  • To provide an incentive for manufacturers and importers to reduce adverse environmental impact of products.

  • To reward genuine initiatives by companies to reduce adverse environmental impact of their products.

  • To assist consumers to become environmentally responsible in their daily lives by providing information to take account of environmental factors in their purchase decisions.

  • To encourage citizens to purchase products which have less harmful environmental impacts.

  • Ultimately to improve the quality of the environment and to encourage the sustainable management of resources.


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