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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Water Studies.
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A Comprehensive Geochemical Evaluation of the Water Quality of River Adyar, India. 2009 International
A GIS based DRASTIC model for assessing groundwater vulnerability in shallow aquifer in Aligarh, India 2008 International
An Economic Analysis of Demand for Water Quality Case of Kolkata 2004 India
Arsenic Removal from Water: A Review 2006 International
Assessment of nitrate contamination due to groundwater pollution in north eastern part of Anantapur District, A.P. India. 2009 International
Combating Negative Externalities of Drought - Groundwater Recharge through Watershed Development Programme 2004 India
Contending Water Uses: Biodiversity vs Irrigation - Case of Keoladeo National Park 2006 India
Contending Water Uses: Bridge over the Brahmaputra 2006 India
Costs of Resource Depletion Externalities: A Study of Groundwater Overexploitation in Andhra Pradesh, India 2005 International
Dams and Displacement: Alternative Restructuring of the Sardar Sarovar - Breaking the Deadlock 2006 India
Dams and Displacement: Major Loss, Minor Gain - Polavaram Project in AP 2006 India
Dams and Displacement: When Multiple Conflicts Overlap - Haribad Project in Madhya Pradesh 2006 India
Depletion of Groundwater: Some Issues 1996 India
Economic Analysis of a Drinking Water Project in Andhra Pradesh 2005 India
Efficiency and equity in groundwater markets: the case of Madhya Pradesh, India 2005 International
Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture 2004 India
Efficient water use in industries: Cases from the Indian agro-based pulp and paper mills. 2009 International
Equity Redistribution: Groundwater Bore-wells in North Gujarat 2005 India
Equity Reexamined: A Study of Community-Based Rainwater Harvesting in Rajasthan, India 2009 International
Equity in Watershed Development - A Case Study in Western Maharashtra 2006 India

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Records 1 to 20 of 71 |

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