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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Sustainable Development.
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Achieving Sustainablility and Extending the Green Revolution 1994 India
Attitudes and institutions: contrasting experiences of Joint Forest Management in India 2004 International
Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Development: Challenges for North-East India in Context 1996 India
Characterizing land-use diversity in village landscapes for sustainable mountain development: a case study from Indian Himalaya. 2008 International
Conservation and Prudent Management Are the Key to the Preservation of the Environment: The Case of Water Resources, and the Indian Situation 1999 International
Constructing a Gender Policy for Joint Forest Management in India 1999 India
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Wildlife Conservation: A Sustainable Application? 1998 India
Decentralized Natural Resource Management: From State to Co-management in India 2000 International
Dynamics of Community Environmental Management in Howrah Slums 1999 India
Environment and Sustainable Development in the Hilly Regions of North-East India: A Study in Arunachal Pradesh 1998 International
Environmental Management in India: Recent Challenges to the Indian Forest Service 1999 International
Environmental and Sustainable Agricultural Development- Conflicts and Contradictions 1995 India
Factors Influencing People's Participation in Forest Management in India 2000 International
Forest Management and Terraced Agriculture: Case Study of Hani of Ailao Mountains, Yunnan 2001 India
From State Regulation to People's Participation: Case of Forest Management in India 1994 India
Gendered Communication and Access to Social Space: Issues in Forest Management 2002 India
Growth, Distribution, and the Environment: Sustainable Development in India 1996 International
How Do Local Institutions Mediate Market and Population Pressures on Resources? Forest Panchayats in Kumaon, India 1997 India
Indian Environmentalism and the Question of the State: Problems and Prospects for Sustainable Development 1997 International
Indigenous Communitie's Knowledge of Local Ecological Services 2001 India

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Records 1 to 20 of 43 |

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