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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Solid Waste Management.
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Assessing informal waste recycling in Kanpur City, India. 2008 International
Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and a proposed management plan for Kharagpur, West Bengal, India 2009 International
Commercial Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal Projects on Indian Lands 1993 International
Delhi: Mismanaging Hospital Waste 2001 India
Development of Techno-economic Integrated Models: LFSGR and Aerobic Composting for Municipal Waste Management 2003 International
EDXRF analysis of municipal solid waste using 109Cd source 2007 International
Evaluation of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Using Various Natural Filter Media 2006 International
Hazardous organic compounds in urban municipal solid waste from a developing country. 2009 International
Leachate Quality of Municipal Solid Waste Dumpsites at Chennai, India 2006 International
Long-term planning for solid waste management in India 2004 International
Micro-Organisms, Bio-Technologies and Environmental Protection 1989 India
Municipal Solid Waste Management: The Indian Perspective 1996 India
Municipal Solid Waste management: Acase of the Gobi Municipality 2001 India
Municipal solid waste characteristics and management in Allahabad, India 2006 International
Municipal solid waste management in Indian cities A review 2008 International
Neglect of Hospital Waste Control: A Case Study in Ahmedabad 2001 India
Prospects of sugarcane milling waste utilization for hydrogen production in India 2007 International
Public, Private and Voluntary Agencies in Solid Waste Management - A Study in Chennai City 2006 India
Soil and plant mineral composition and productivity of Acacia nilotica (L.) under irrigation with municipal effluent in an arid environment 2004 International
Solid waste management in Kolkata, India: Practices and challenges 2008 International

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Records 1 to 20 of 24 |

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