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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Resource Studies.
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Amphibian assemblages in undisturbed and disturbed areas of Kudremukh National Park, central Western Ghats, India 2003 International
Are less-favored environments over-invested? The case of rice research in India 2007 International
Assessment of metal enrichments in tsunamigenic sediments of Pichavaram mangroves, southeast coast of India. 2008 International
Case for Local Forest Management (Part I): Environmental Services, Internalisation of Costs and Markets 2001 India
Changes in soil physical properties and organic carbon status at the topsoil horizon of a vertisol of central India after 28 years of continuous cropping, fertilization and manuring 2007 International
Coal Sector Loans and Displacement of Indigenous Populations: Lessons from Jharkhand 2004 India
Commercialisation of Forests, Environmental Negligence and Alienation of Tribal Rights in Madras Presidency: 1792-1882 1998 India
Conservation and Prudent Management Are the Key to the Preservation of the Environment: The Case of Water Resources, and the Indian Situation 1999 International
Depleting Renewable Resources: A Case Study From Karnataka Western Goat 1987 India
Determinants of Farmers' Indigenous Soil and Water Conservation Investments in Semi-arid India 1998 International
Development and Deforestation: Indian Forestry in Perspective 1993 India
Dissipation Kinetics of Propargite in Brinjal Fruits Under Subtropical Conditions of Punjab, India. 2009 International
Ecological Conflicts and the Environmental Movement in India 1994 India
Effects of Historic and Cultural Resources and Indian Religious Freedom on Public Lands Development: A Practical Primer 1995 International
Efficiency of Resource Allocation in Indian Agriculture 1968 International
Embodied and Disembodied Technical Change in Fisheries: An Analysis of the Sète Trawl Fishery, 1985–1999 2004 International
Emerging Resources for Development--A Study of Inland Fisheries in Karnataka 1995 India
Energy demand forecast for mechanized agriculture in rural India 2008 International
Environmental Rating of Mineral Deposits 1981 India
Forest Conservation, Tourism and Extraction: An Economic Perspective 2000 India

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Records 1 to 20 of 62 |

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