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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Global Environmental Issues.
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Building on Poor People's Capacities: The Case of Common Property resources in India and West Africa. 2001 International
Business enterprise R&D, technological change, and intellectual property protection 2007 International
CDM potential of bagasse cogeneration in India 2007 International
Carbon Budget of the Indian Forest Ecosystem 2003 International
Carbon Emission Tax and Its Impact on a Developing Country Economy--A Case Study of India 1995 International
Carbon Taxes and India 1997 International
Climate Change and Domestic Mitigation Efforts 2005 India
Climate Change, Agriculture, and Developing Countries: Does Adaptation Matter? 1999 International
Climate change, north-south cooperation and collective decision-making Post-rio 1997 International
Climate variability and tropical tuna: Management challenges for highly migratory fish stocks 2007 International
Consumption pattern, trade, and greenhouse gas leakage in India 2004 International
Contemporary Environmental Economics 2005 International
Coupling of the Weather Research and Forecasting Model with AERMOD for pollutant dispersion modeling. A case study for PM10 dispersion over Pune, India 2007 International
Do board characteristics affect corporate performance? Firm-level evidence for India 2006 International
Ecological economics of coastal disasters: Introduction to the special issue 2007 International
Embodied and Disembodied Technical Change in Fisheries: An Analysis of the Sète Trawl Fishery, 1985–1999 2004 International
Evaluating the Century C model using long-term fertilizer trials in the Indo-Gangetic Plains, India 2007 International
Global atmospheric emission inventory of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) for 2004 2009 International
Green Business Prospects: Environmental Goods and Services at WTO 2003 India
How ‘sustainable’ is the ‘sustainable development objective’ of CDM in developing countries like India? 2004 International

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Records 1 to 20 of 50 |

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