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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Environmental Valuation.
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A comparison between TCM and CVM in assessing the recreational use value of urban forestry 2006 International
A comprehensive study on water balance, sedimentation and physico-chemical characteristics of Sagar Lake in India. 2009 International
An Economic Analysis of Demand for Water Quality Case of Kolkata 2004 India
Assessment of Quality of Life in Mining Complexes 1999 India
Assessment of environmental benefits of flyover construction over signalized junctions: a case study. 2009 International
Carbon abatement potential of solar home systems in India and their cost reduction due to carbon finance 2009 International
Challenges in Valuation: The Health Benefits of Reducing Air Pollutants 1998 India
Consumer Willingness to Pay for Seafood and Domestic Market Development- 1999 India
Consumer's Willingness to Pay More for Municipal Supplied Water: A Case Study 2002 International
Contingent Valuation and Actual Behavior: Predicting Connections to New Water Systems in the State of Kerala, India 1995 International
Cost–benefit analysis of cleaning the Ganges: some emerging environment and development issues 2004 International
Economic - Ecologic Values of an Indian Forest: A Case Study 2001 India
Economic value of safe water for the infrastructurally disadvantaged urban household: A case study in Delhi, India 2004 International
Environment development linkages: modelling a wetland system for ecological and economic value 2004 International
Environment-Friendly Behaviour and Competitiveness: A Study of Pulp and Paper Industry in India 1999 International
Environmental Costs and Their Impact on the Net Present Value of Hydro-Electric in Kerala, India 2003 International
Explore Assessment to Particulate Matter in the Middle Class Sub-Population of East Delhi 1997 India
Externality Effects of Common Resource Degradation 2001 India
Measuring the Cost of Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development in India: A Distance Function Approach 2002 International
Pesticide residue level in tea ecosystems of Hill and Dooars regions of West Bengal, India 2009 International

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Records 1 to 20 of 43 |

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