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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Environmental Policy.
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Air Pollution Management Programme of Calcutta 1999 India
An Empirical Test of the Environmental Kuznets U-Curve Hypothesis 1998 India
Bureaucratic Agendas and Conservation Policy in Himachal Pradesh, 1865-1994 1997 India
Carbon Taxes and Joint Implementation: An Applied General Equilibrium Analysis for Germany and India 2003 International
Courts, Civil Society and Public Sphere: Environmental Litigation in Calcutta 1999 India
Damage Assessment and Compensation to Farmers: Lessons from Verdict of Loss of Ecology Authority in Tamil Nadu 2005 India
Do stock markets penalize environment-unfriendly behaviour? Evidence from India 2005 International
Draft National Environment Policy 2004 - A Critique 2004 India
Draft National Environment Policy 2004 - A Critique 2004 India
Economic and environmental impacts of pollution control regulation on small industries: a case study 2005 International
Economic policy instruments for controlling vehicular air pollution 2004 International
Economics and Policy Implications of National Biodiversity Legislation 2003 India
Emerging regulatory challenges facing the Indian rural electrification programme 2009 International
Environment Protection Role of Regulatory System in India 2006 India
Environment and International Worldviews: Two Steps Backward 1990 India
Environment and New Economic Polices 1995 India
Environmental Macroeconomics: Towards Filling an Empty Box 1995 India
Environmental Policy, Legislation and Construction of Social Nature 2006 India
Environmental Protection:The Role of Liability System in India 2004 India
Environmental productivity and Kuznets curve in India 2008 International

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Records 1 to 20 of 44 |

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