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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Environmental Impact.
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Air Quality Impact of Sponge Iron Industries in Central India 2009 International
Assessing Quality of Life in a Mining Region 2005 India
Assessment of Earthworm Distribution in Different Seasons in and around Pondicherry, India 2009 International
Case for Local Forest Management (part II): Other Stakeholders and Markets 2001 India
Changes in soil physical properties and organic carbon status at the topsoil horizon of a vertisol of central India after 28 years of continuous cropping, fertilization and manuring 2006 International
Considering Aquacultural Externality in Coastal Land Allocation Decisions in India 2004 International
Desalination in Chennai - What About the Poor and the Environment? 2006 India
Determinants and Impact of Local Institutions for Common Resource Management 2001 International
Do stock markets penalize environment-unfriendly behaviour? Evidence from India 2005 International
Effects of Industrialisation and Urbanisation on Ambient Air in and around Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, West Bengal, India 1998 India
Ensuring sustainable water supplies: A study of groundwater conditions in Salboni Block, West Bengal. 2008 International
Environment and Accountability: Impact of Industrial Pollution on Rural Communities 2002 India
Environmental Costs and Their Impact on the Net Present Value of Hydro-Electric in Kerala, India 2003 International
Environmental Damage to Land Resource: Need to Improve Land Use Data Base 2003 India
Environmental Impact Assessment in India 2000 India
Global Population Growth, Economic Development and Environmental Impact : Case Study of India, 1991-2100 1995 India
Heavy metals concentration in soils of southeastern part of Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh, India. 2009 International
Impact Assessment of Drainage Investment 2004 India
Impact of Minefire at Sudamdih on Air Pollution and Social Spectrum 1998 India
Impact of Roadway Traffic and Transport on Human Health 1996 India

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Records 1 to 20 of 30 |

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