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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Environment and Health.
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A GIS based DRASTIC model for assessing groundwater vulnerability in shallow aquifer in Aligarh, India 2008 International
Assessment of air quality near traffic intersections in Bangalore city using air quality indices 2008 International
Biofuels, Pollution and Health Linkages: A Survey of Rural Tamil Nadu 2000 India
Contamination of vegetables of different seasons with organophosphorous pesticides and related health risk assessment in northern India 2007 International
Cooking with Biofuels: Risk Factors Affecting Health Impact on Rural Women 2003 India
Environmental risk factors and prevalence of asthma, tuberculosis and jaundice in India 2007 International
Impact of Roadway Traffic and Transport on Human Health 1996 India
Industrial Pollution and Worker's Health 1995 India
Living Environment and Health of Urban Poor - A Study in Mumbai 2003 India
Mixing ratios of carbonyls and BTEX in ambient air of Kolkata, India and their associated health risk. 2009 International
Organochlorine pesticides in commercial marine fishes of Coimbatore, India and their suitability for human consumption 2009 International
Pesticide Pollution in Punjab: A Review 2009 International
Study of Household Environmental Risk Factors Pertaining to Respiratory Diseasea 1997 India
The Health Benefits of Air Pollution Control in Delhi 1997 International
Total Exposure as a Basis for the Economic Valuation of Air Pollution in India 1997 India

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Records 1 to 15 of 15 |

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