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Following are the Indian Journal Articles Categorized Under  Common Property Resources.
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CPRs and Rural Poor Study in North Karnataka 2004 India
CPRs and rural poor: a micro level analysis 1992 India
Can CPRs Generate Carbon Credits without Hurting the Poor? 2005 India
Coming tragedy of the commons 1986 India
Common Property Institutions and Markets 1995 India
Common Property Institutions and Markets 1995 India
Common Property Resources and the Poor: Findings from West Bengal 2000 India
Common Property Resources: Economic Analytics 2005 India
Common Property Resources: Two Case Studies 2000 India
Common Property, Collective Action and Ecology 1993 India
Common pool resources and contextual factors: Evolution of a fishermen's cooperative in Calcutta 2004 International
Common property resources and rural poor in dry regions of India 1986 India
Common property resources and the environmental context: role of biophysical versus social stresses 1995 India
Democracy, Equity and Common Property Resource Management in the Indian Subcontinent 1996 India
Economic feasibility of electricity production from energy plantations present on community-managed forestlands in Madhya Pradesh, India 2009 International
Explaining success on the commons: Community forest governance in the Indian Himalaya 2006 International
Inequality, differential technology for resource extraction and voluntary collective action in commons 2004 International
Management of Common Property Resources: Limits to Voluntary Collective Action 1994 International
Managing Watershed Externalities in India: Theory and Practice 2007 International
Market Success or Community Failure? Common Property Resources in Colonial North India and a Case Illustration from a Cluster 1999 India

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Records 1 to 20 of 30 |

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