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In the present century environmental degradation has emerged as a major global concern for human survival. The situation is getting alarming day-by-day. It is for this reason environmental issues are intensely debated increasingly often. The law relating to the environment is rapidly growing as a complex regulatory mechanism which increasingly reflects public concern over vital issues such as clean water and air, conservation of forests and wildlife, increasing noise and depletion of other natural resources. Recent spate of legislations and policy formulations on environmental issues in India reveal sincere efforts of the Government to combat this stupendous problem. The environmental situation after coming into effect of the law and policy is not satisfactorily improving. It is against this background, this book sets-out to provide a broad examination of environmental law and policy in India. Hence, this section would focus on the policy issues concerned with and about the protection of the environment.

A brief write-up will be posted on the following topics soon

Air Quality
Climate Change
Energy  Environment
Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Land Issues
Policy Instruments
Regulation and Risks  
Waste and Recycling
Water Quality


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