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S.No ENVIS Centres Communication Linkages Area Subnetwork Area
1 Bombay Natural Histroy Society(BNHS)
Hornbill House, Dr. Salim Ali chowk
Saheed Bhagat Singh road
Mumbai-400 023,  Maharashtra
Phone: 022-22821811
Fax: 022-22837615
Email Id: bnhs@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL:  http://www.bnhsenvis.nic.in
Dr. Asad R. Rahmani
Project Coordinator
Avian Ecology including Inland, Wetlands  Ecology and Ecosystems 
2 Centre for Environment Education(CEE)
Nehru Foundation for Development,
Taltej Tekra,
Ahmedabad-380 054, Gujarat
Phone: 079-26858002-09
Fax: 079-26858010
Email Id: cee@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL:  http://www.greenteacher.org, http://www.bmwmindia.org/index1.org
Org. URL:  http://www.ceeindia.org 
Shri. Kartikeya V. Sarabhai  Director

Dr. Kiran Chokkar
ENVIS Coordinator

Environmental Education  Media, Environment Education and Sustainable Development 
3 Centre for Media Studies(CMS)
Research House,
B-34, Community Centre, Saket,
New Delhi-110 017, Delhi
Phone: 011-26851660, 26856429
Fax: 011-26968282
Email Id: cms@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL:  http://www.cmsindia.org/cmsenvis, http://www.cmsindia.org/emsenvisnode/index.html
Org. URL:  http://www.cmsindia.org 
Dr. N. Baskara Rao

Mrs. Alka Tomar
ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id: alka@cmsindia.org
Communication and Electronic Media  Media, Environment Education and Sustainable Development 
4 Centre for Symbiosis of Technology, Environment and Management (STEM)
80/9, Kisangarh,
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi-110070, Delhi
Phone: +919350532857, 9868483209
Email Id: stem@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL:  http://www.womenenvironment.org
Org. URL:  http://www.slemgroup.org
Dr.(Mrs.) Papia Lahiri
ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id: stemdel@gmail.com
Women and Environment  Environment and Energy Management 
5 Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC)
Suraksha Sankool,
Thaltej, Gandhinagar Highway,
Ahmedabad-380 054, Gujarat
Phone: 079-27489945-46, 27450528, 27451097
Fax: 079-27489947
Email Id: cerc@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL:  http://www.cercindia.org/envis.htm
Org. URL:  http://www.cercindia.org 
Mr. Manubhai Shah   Chairman, Emeritus

Eco-Labeling and Promotion of Eco-Friendly Products  Environment Law and Trade 
6 CPR Environmental Education Centre (CPR)
1 Eldams Road ,
Chennai-600 018, Tamil Nadu
Phone: 044-24346526, 24337023
Fax: 044-24320756
Email Id: cpreec@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL:  http://www.ecoheritage.cpreec.org,
Org. URL: http://cpreec.org 
Dr.(Mrs.) Nanditha C, Krishna Hon. Director
Conservation of Ecological Heritage and Sacred Sites in India   Ecology and Ecosystems 
7 Development Alternatives(DA)
B-32, Qutab Institutional Area,
Tara Crescent, New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi-110 016, Delhi
Phone: 011-26967938, 26851158
Fax: 011-24682144
Email Id: daenvis@sdalt.ernet.in
ENVIS URL:  http://www.daenvis.org
Org. URL: http://www.devalt.org 
Mr. George C. Varughese
Vice President
Environmentally Sound Appropriate Technologies and Sustainable Livelihoods  Environment and Energy Management 
8 Environment Management Division - Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
India Habitat Centre
4th Floor, Core4A, Lodhi Road
New Delhi-110 003, Delhi
Phone: 011-24682230-35
Fax: 011-24682229, 24682228
Email Id: cii@envis.nic.in
Org. URL:  http://www.ciionline.org 
Dr. K.P. Nyati

Industry - Government Environmental Interface  Environment Law and Trade 
9 Environment Protection Training and Research Institute(EPTRI)
91/4, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad-500 032, Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 040-23001242, 23000489, 23001707(D)
Fax: 040-23000361
Email Id: ap@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.envis-eptri.org,
Org. URL: http://www.eptri.com 
Mrs. Gayathri Ramachandran
Director General

Shri. S.H. Baquer
ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id: baquer@eptri.com
Eastern Ghats Ecology  Ecology and Ecosystems 
10 Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT)
74/2, Jarakbande Kaval,
Yelahanka, via Attu PO,
Bangalore-560 064, Karnataka
Phone: 080-28565890, 28565873
Fax: 080-28565895
Email Id: frlht@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL:  http://envis.frlht.org.in,
Org. URL:  http://www.frlht.org.in
Dr. Darshan Shankar

Shri. D.K. Ved

Conservation of Medicinal Plants  Flora, Fauna and Conservation 
11 Indian Centre for Plastic in the Environment (ICPE)
2nd Floor,Kushesh Mansion, 22, Cawasji Patel Street,and
48/54,Ghoga Street(Janmabhoomi Marg) Fort
Mumbai-400 023, Maharashtra
Phone: 022-22820491, 22820496
Fax: 022-22820451
Email Id: icpe@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.envis-icpe.com,
Org. URL: http://www.icpenviro.org 
Shri. K.G. Ramanathan President

Shri. T.K. Bandopadhyay  ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id: icpe@vsnl.net

Management of Plastic, Polymer Wastes and Biopolymers, Impacts of Plastic on Eco-System  Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology 
12 Indian Environmental Society(IES)
U-112, Vidatha House,
Vikas Marg, Shakarpur,
Delhi-110 092,  Delhi
Phone: 011-22046823, 22450749
Fax: 011-22523311
Email Id: iesenro@del2.vsnl.net.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.iespanchayat.org
Org. URL: http://www.iesglobal.org 
Dr. Desh Bandhu       President

Panchayati Raj and Environment  Environment and Energy Management 
13 International Institute for Population Sciences(IIPS)
Govandi Station Road ,
Mumbai-400 088,  Maharashtra
Phone: 022-25563254, 55, 56
Fax: 022-25563257
Email Id: iip@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://populationenvis.org
Org. URL: http://www.iipsindia.org
Dr. T.K. Roy
Director & Senior Professor

Dr. C.P. Prakasam   
In-charge, Data Centre
Email Id: prakasam@vsnl.com
Population and Environment  Media, Environment Education and Sustainable Development 
14 National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI)
14/ Unique Industrial Estate,
Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi,
Mumbai-400 025, Maharashtra
Phone: 022-243753636, 56603487
Fax: 022-56603486
Email Id: nswai@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.nswai.com
Org. URL: http://www.ecochem.com 
Dr. Amiya Kumar Sahu       Vice President

Shri. Ramdas Bhattacharya
ENVIS Coordinator
Urban Municipal Waste Management  Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology 
15 Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History(SACON)
Anaikatty P.O.
Coimbatore-641 108, Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0422-2657101-105, 2657086, 2657096
Fax: 0422-2657088
Email Id: sacon@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.wetlandsofindia.org
Org. URL: http://www.saconindia.org 
Mrs. Laitha Vijyan

Dr. S. Narendra Prasad   ENVIS Coordinator
Wetland Ecosystem  Ecology and Ecosystems 
16 Sulabh International Institute of Health and Hygiene (Sulabh)
Sulabh Bhawan,
Mahavir Enclave,
New Delhi-110 045, Delhi
Phone: 011-25031243, 25058941
Fax: 011-25034014
Email Id: sulabh@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.sulabhenvis.nic.in
Org. URL: http://www.sulabhinternational.org 
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak

Dr. S.Nath
Chairman cum Medical Director
Email Id: 

Hygiene, Sanitation and Environment, Sewage Treatment Systems and Technology  Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology 
17 The Energy Resources Institute(TERI)
Darbari Seth Block, Habitat Centre,
Lodi Road
New Delhi-110 003,  Delhi
Phone: 011-24682100, 24682111
Fax: 011-24682144
Email Id: teri@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.teriin.org/envis 
Org. URL: http://www.teriin.org
R.K. Pachauri
Director General

Shri. P.K. Bhattacharya
ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id: pkbhatta@teri.res.in
Renewable Energy and Environment  Environment and Energy Management 
18 Waterfalls Institute of Technology Transfer (WITT)
J-29,South Extension-I,
New Delhi-110 049,  Delhi
Phone: 011-24642269, 246134980
Fax: 011-24619083
Email Id: witt@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.wittsenvis.org
Org. URL: http://www.witts.org
Dr. K.V. Swaminathan Chairman

Environmental Audit and Accounting  Environment Law and Trade 
19 World Wide Fund for Nature - India(WWF)
Head-ENVIS Centre, Indira Gandhi conservation Monitoring Centre,
172-B, Lodhi Estate,
New Delhi-110 003, Delhi
Phone: 011-41504791/51504794
Fax: 011-24691226 / 51504779/4795
Email Id: wwf@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL: http://www.wwfenvis.org
Org. URL: http://www.wwfindia.org
Mr. Ravi Singh
Secretary General and CEO

Mr. G.Areendran
Head-ENVIS Centre
Email Id: 
Non Government Organisations Media and Parliament Matter Related to Environment  Media, Environment Education and Sustainable Development 
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