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Environmental Policy
The Total Lecture hours for this course is 60.

  • Natural Resource Accounting  10[L]
    Concept of sustainable development; Indicators of sustainability; various approaches for Environmental Accounting. 

  • Policy Instruments   20[L]
    Pigouvian taxes and subsidies; Tradeable permits; Price vs. Quantity instruments; Mixed instruments;Other instruments; Enforcement issues, Case studies.

  • Environmental Issues in India   15[L]
    Sources and types of pollution (air, water, solid waste, noise, land degradation); Causes and effects of environmental degradation; Urban and Rural environmental problems; Energy - Environment interaction. 

  • Environmental Regulation in India   5[L]
    Evolution of environmental policy; Air and water Acts; Fiscal incentives; Enforcement and Implementation issues, Environmental Impact Assessment. 

  • International Environmental Issues   10[L]
    Trade and environment in the WTO regime; Eco-labeling; Causes and consequences of ozone depletion and climate change, Rio conference (Agenda 21); Protocols relating to climate change ;Ozone depletion and biodiversity. 

L: 60 [L: Lectures] 


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