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The ENVIS has built up a reasonably good information base in the form of publications, reports, reprints, bibliographies, abstracts, data bases etc., as well as numerical data i.e. statistics relating to environment. The information base/repository is being continuously strengthened. This involves regular collection, collation and storage of scientific and technical information on environment and related areas. The establishment of several ENVIS centers, located in different organizations /institutions in the country in selected areas of environment, as part of ENVIS network has considerably assisted in building up and strengthening of this information base. Brief description of services provided by the ENVIS Focal Point is given below: 

Query/Answering Service 

The ENVIS network as a whole responds to various requests for information on diverse areas related to environment from different user groups. Besides receiving several National/International queries, ENVIS as the National Focal Point of INFOTERRA/UNEP and Regional Service Centre of INFOTERRA has also been receiving queries from INFOTERRA users and from South Asian Sub-Region countries. All such queries are responded to by supplying substantive information in the form of bibliographies of reprints/reports etc.

In order that ENVIS as also the NFP of INFOTERRA is capable of responding effectively to the users queries on different scientific and technical aspects of environment, the system is building up a mechanism to acquire comprehensive documents, technical reports, state of art reports, directories, bibliographies, data bases, etc. ENVIS is thus constantly engaged in building up its information resources and in establishing its linkages with other national and international information systems. Besides, it is also engaged in identifying institutions/organizations, where new ENVIS centers on areas of environment not covered so far will be set up so as to provide comprehensive coverage on environment related subject areas. 

Referral Service 

In some cases where ENVIS Focal Point is unable to provide substantive information, referral service is provided to users. Referral means receiving requests for information and referring enquiries to the source most likely to be able to provide the desired information. For responding to the queries, focal point makes use of the ENVIS network, INFOTERRA network as well as other potential sources of information in the country. 

Abstracting Service 

The Focal Point regularly brings out a quarterly abstracting journal Paryavaran Abstracts containing information about the Indian Research Inputs in the area of environment. The journal has a circulation of over 2000. More than 500 environment related journals are referred to in the compilation of these abstracts. The abstracts are arranged under major subject categories i.e.
Environmental Management
Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Noise Pollution
Nature and Natural Resources Conservation
Health and Toxicology
Forestry and Environment
Energy and Plants and Pollution, etc.  

For precise retrieval of information, subject key words index is also given at the end of each issue. The language of the database is English and the frequency of updation is quarterly. The number of records available is 4000 and the annual growth rate is 1000. The operating system is MS-DOS and the software is CDS-ISIS. 


The Focal Point is engaged in collection, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information of various environment related areas. The information is collected in the form of books, reports, journals, monographs, bibliographies, etc. and are classified subject-wise for future retrieval of information. 


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