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Andaman Nicobar
The inhabitants of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are fortunate to have a clean environment so far, obviously due to existence of extensive forest cover, limited population and very little industrial activity in these islands. 

Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest Indian State in terms of area and population. AP will heed the signals of increasing environmental deterioration and help conserve the environment as one more step towards achieving development. By 2020, the State will have clean air and water, hygienic, well-planned, and pleasant villages and cities. The State will be proactively planning for and managing its environment. 

Chandigarh, ‘the city beautiful’ was planned by Le Corbusier, the famous French Architect. It is one of the best experiments of urban planning in modern India. The industrial growth of the state has been gradual and agriculture has shown a downtrend. However, the percapita income of the city is highest in the. 

State of Environment Report for Delhi is an attempt to analyse the available information in the pressure-state-response model. Demographic shifts; urban sprawls; growth of the poor; changes in trends of industrial, commercial, and transport character, urban economic activities; etc. are analysed and their impacts on the status of pollution of air, water, land, biological environments, and environmental health 

SOE reporting provides a general picture of the state of Ecological Area, Socio-Economic profile, Infrastructure facilities, Agriculture, Industries, and information on all natural resources such as Land, Water Resources, Forestry etc. And it’s talks about status of all types of pollution and Biodiversity position of the... 

To address the issue of sustainable development there is an utmost urgency to assess the present environmental scenario, trends of environmental pressure and to evaluate the mitigation measures so as to minimize the impacts. The State of Environment Report provides to the utmost extent, information on the environmental trends and changes and their significance for effective, efficient environmental planning and 

SOE reporting provides a general picture of the state of Biological and Socio-Economic conditions. How Human Activities affect the environmental conditions and their implications on human health and economic well being. Reporting ensures access to all the stakeholders-public, industry, non-governmental organizations and.... 

Maharashtra is one of the most industrialised and urbanised states of India. The State has an impressive annual growth rate of seven percent over the past three years compared to 3.4 per cent during 2000-01. The target of 8 percent annual growth rate has been set in the 10th plan. All major towns of Maharashtra are experiencing an unprecedented population growth and thereby exerting a tremendous pressure on the urban infrastructure and civic amenities...

A ‘soft-state’ on the North-Eastern border between India and Myanmar, Manipur has a total geographical area of 22,327 Sq. Km. of which 90% are hilly regions, largely, characterised by dense forests and inaccessible terrains. The valley (Plain area) at the centre surrounded by the hills claims 10% only.

The state of Meghalaya is rich in natural forest resources. Besides timber, a number of non-timber forest produce including cane, bamboo, broom-grass and other commercially important grass species, mushroom, orchids, oil yielding trees, honey and wax are extracted from the forests every year in large quantities.

State of Environment Report- Orissa is covering the environmental issues prevailing in the area of Mines, Forestry, Irrigation, Rainfall, and Temperature etc... 

State of Environment Report of Punjab takes into account the driving forces and pressures which affects existing status of air, water, biodiversity in the state and tries to assess their impact on these natural resources and the responses by the government for protecting environment... 

The state is gifted with abundant natural resources. Sikkim supports 2646 sq. Km. of forest cover, equivalent to 36% of the total land area. In forest, non-wood forest produce has a vast potential like sand, boulders and other materials. Under economic geology the minerals like copper, iron, lime, dolomite/limestone, coal, quartzite and tale, silicate & graphite are available in the state.The basic information on various ….. 

Tamil Nadu 
State of Environment Report of Tamil Nadu provides a general picture of the state of Biological and Socio-Economic conditions. How Human Activities affect the environmental conditions and their implications on human health and economic well being. The Report includes Database on resources, energy sector, Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Land degradation, Forests, Biodiversity, Air Pollution... 

State of Environment Report provides a general picture of the State of the bio physical and the socio-economic conditions and understanding on how human activities affect the environmental conditions and its implications on human health and economic well -being. It also provides an out come of the responses such as policy initiatives, legislative reforms and... 

The State of Environment Report – Rajasthan, aims to acquaint Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), concerned citizens, Government officials and public at large, with the environmental issues involved in various developmental sectors and impact of their activities on the environment. So, in a way, it is not a development report on various activities but aims to bring out environmental concerns that arise while carrying out development activities.

West Bengal 
State of Environment Report provides a relevant data from as many sources as possible, with the aim of presenting an analysis of resource base, followed by impact of development on environment, as well as the current legal, administrative and scientific programmes to ensure a better environment.The report also identified the gap areas of information and broadly outlines the immediate action.... 


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