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      M.Phil and Ph.D Disserations

   Institute/University Researcher Topic Degree Status
Andhra University NA Economics of renewable energy technologies A case study of solar system Ph.D. Completed
Economics of biogas – A cross country analysis Ph.D. Completed
Degradation of rural environment, tank irrigation and levels of living nexus: A case study of north coastal Andhra Ph.D. Ongoing
Trends in the pattern of energy consumption and its impact on environment in India Ph.D. Ongoing
Structural changes in the Indian industry and its impact on environment Ph.D. Ongoing
Deforestation and its effect on environment in Andra Pradesh M.Phil. Completed
Economics of shrimp farming – A case study in west Godavari District M.Phil. Completed
Annamalai University S. Kasimayan Poverty, environment & development: A study of rural population in Madurai district Ph.D. Ongoing
R.S. Ramasamy Economics of water pollution at Madurai – A case study M.Phil. Completed
Usha Economics of air pollution in Cuddalore Town M.Phil. Completed
Anantalakshmi Environment and health: A study in Tanjore Town M.Phil. Completed
P. Manikkumaran Agricultural growth, rural poverty and environmental degradation in Tamilnadu: 1960-1990 M.Phil. Completed
Nagalakshmi Solid waste management in Sirkali town M.Phil. Ongoing
L. Venkatachalam An economic analysis of water pollution in Neyveli Region M.Phil. Completed
Ramakrishna Kosa      Raju An evaluation f the Brurndtland Commission's approach to sustainable development: A study by internal criticism M.Phil. Completed
S. Srinivasan A study of health hazards of industrial workers at SIPCOT, Cuddalore Port M.Phil. Completed
D. Selvasundari Solid waste management: A study in Myladuthurai Town M.Phil. Completed
K. Vanishree Occupational hazards: A study of tea plantation workers in Nilgris District M.Phil. Completed
Sampath Kumar Sen's welfare economic paradigm and sustainable development M.Phil. Ongoing
Bangalore University Shyamala Devi NA Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Environment and industrial development : A study of selected industries in Bangalore Ph.D. Ongoing
Berhampur University H.K. Satapathy Ecological and economic aspects of cashew plantation in Orissa Ph.D. Completed
M.  Mishra Economics of industrial pollution in Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
C.D. Panda Ecological economics of shifting cultivation Ph.D. Ongoing
B. Nayak Dimensions of economics valuation of the Indian forest ecosystems Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Marine fishery and sustainable development of marine fishermen in Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
S. Nanda Federal transfer and environmental protection in Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
B. Nayak Economic – ecologic (e)valuation of forests of Paralakhemundi Division in Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
D.P.  Maharana Economics of Kerandimal Forests Ecosystem in Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
L.P. Panda Socio-economic vulnerability to the impacts of forest depletion in Ganjam district of Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
N. Acharya Economic value of Bhittarakanika National Park Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Agricultural technology and sustainable development in Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Optimality in exploitation of common property resources: An evaluation of prawn fishery in south coast of Orissa Ph.D. Ongoing
L.P. Panda Economics of environmental uncertainty M.Phil. Completed
P. Pandit Vehicular pollution in Bhubaneswar city of Orissa M.Phil. Completed
A. Dash Social forestry and rural development: A case study of the social forestry project in Ganjam District, Orissa M.Phil. Completed
R.N. Palo Role of forest resources in economic development of Ghumsur region of Ganjam district in Orissa M.Phil. Completed
NA Environmental impact of fishery development schemes on marine resources M.Phil. Completed
B.S. Beherra Environmental consciousness in Gunupur block of Rayagada District in Orissa M.Phil. Ongoing
T. Patnaik Environmental economics of household wastes in Berhampur Town M.Phil. Ongoing
M. Dash Economics of biodiversity conservation Social and environmental responsibility of Birla Tyres in Balasore district of Orissa M.Phil. Ongoing
B.K. Sahu Poverty, anti poverty programmesand rural change: a study of selected tribal villages in Phulbani Ph.D. Completed
B.N. Meher Growth of Titlagarh township: An economic analysis Ph.D. Completed
B.K. Dey Village planning and development in a block frame: A case study of Nepura village Ph.D. Completed
Bharatidasan University R. Poongodi Economics of solid waste management Ph.D. Ongoing
R. Chandrasekaran Herbal formulations and health care policy Ph.D. Ongoing
Calcutta University NA Management of CETP: A bargain theoretic approach Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Sustainability of agricultural land use in West Bengal Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Consumer culture and environmental stress M.Phil. Completed
NA Pollution control in leather industries: A case study of Calcutta tanneries M.Phil. Completed
Centre for Multi-disciplinary Development Research S.F.L. Mendes Mining industry and its effect on environment and health Ph.D. Ongoing
Arun Kulkarni Common property resources and the rural poor Ph.D. Ongoing
Centre for Research and Rural and Industrial Development S.K. Bansal Economic liberlisation and agricultural development in Punjab Ph.D. Ongoing
Ravinder Kaur Urban-rural relations in India: A case study of inter-state Chandigarh region Ph.D. Ongoing
Cochin University of Science & Technology C.A. Antony Environomics - A financial estimate of environmental pollution control abatement schemes in Eloor Edayar Industrial Belt Ph.D. Completed
Somkiate Sriparthar Post environmental evaluation of the Rajjaprapha Dam in Thailand Ph.D. Ongoing
P.K. Baby Economic and social impacts of industrial pollution Ph.D. Ongoing
Environmental Education Centre D.V. Raje NA M.Phil. Ongoing
Govind Ballabh Pant Social Science Institute Roomana Siddiqui Effects of economic and environmental stressors on health Ph.D. Completed
Krishna Prasad Pant Land use planning for environment friendly hill agriculture in Dha Ding District of Nepal Ph.D. Completed
Arjun Udas Copying with environmental stressors: By the residents of the city of Kanthmandu Ph.D. Ongoing
Himachal Pradesh University Shri B.R.Sharma Assessing environmental impacts of emerging socio-economic activities in Kull Valley of Himachal Pradesh Ph.D. Completed
Shri Pratap Singh Economic valuation of contributions of non-marketed resources to various types of animal husbandry systems in Himachal Pradesh Ph.D. Completed
Indian Institute of Technology V. Sudhir Planning  for an integrated solid waste management urban India. Ph.D. Completed
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore NA Planning for basic needs of shelter in India: An empirical analysis with a multi-sectoral programming model NA NA
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research N. Satyanarayan      Murty Energy, environment and sustainable development Ph.D. Submitted
K. Santha Kavi      Kumar Modelling and analysis of climate change impacts on Indian agriculture Ph.D. Completed
Deb Chattopadhyay Economic operations of power system in India (2 chapters deal with Environmental Economics) Ph.D. Completed
Piyush Tiwari Economics of house markets in India Ph.D. Completed
Saumen Majumdar Energy and economic linkages: impacts, investments, efficiency and pricing issues Ph.D. Completed
Sudhir Sharma Sustainable agriculture development: A case study on Punjab Ph.D. Submitted
Anoop Singh Energy and environmental policy modeling Ph.D. Ongoing
G.S. Haripriya Taking stock of nature: Accounting for forest resources in India Ph.D. Submitted
Chiranjib Gupta Trade and environmental linkages in India Ph.D. Ongoing
Barnali Nag Economic and policy analysis of climate change in India Ph.D. Ongoing
Sukesini Dehury Industrial pollution control: A case study of Maharastra M.Phil. Submitted
Dinabandhu Bag The economics of pesticides application in agriculture and environmental damage M.Phil. Submitted
Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya A. Mukherjee A resource use planning in the Mahanadi Reservoir project command Area:  A linear programming approach NA NA
M.K. Jally Socio-economic analysis of nartora watershed project NA NA
H. Pathak An economic study of bio-diversity conservation NA NA
Institute  for Social and Economic Change M. Ravichandran Economics of pollution control – A study of industrial pollution in Karnataka Ph.D. Completed
V. Govindaru Impact of conversion of natural forests to agriculture and plantation crops on local economy and environment: Kerala Ph.D. Completed
S. Manasi Economic dimensions of urban pollution control and its treatment – A study of Bangalore City Ph.D. Ongoing
Ramakrushna      Panigrahi Environmental cost and regional income accounting Ph.D. Ongoing
S. Puttaswamaiah Economics of farm forestry in Karnataka Ph.D. Ongoing
B.P. Sarath Chandran Dynamics of environment, health and productivity on urban poverty: A case study of slum dwellers in Chennai city Ph.D. Ongoing
S. Jyothis Economics of  biodiversity conservation: A case study of western ghat region (Kerala) Ph.D. Ongoing
T. Venkatesh Social cost of tobacco cultivation, production and consumption Ph.D. Ongoing
R.S. Deshpande Yield uncertainty in Maharashtra agriculture: Study with special reference to drought-prone areas Ph.D. Completed
R.S. Malini Residential densities and living conditions in a metropolis: A case study Ph.D. Completed
M. Venkata Reddy Command area development: Problems and prospects of irrigation in Malaprabha Ayacut Ph.D. Completed
Syed Ajmal Pasha Economics of small ruminants in droughtprone areas of Karnataka Ph.D. Completed
G.S. Sastry Urban retail trade structure - A study of Bangalore Ph.D. Completed
S. Lakshmikanthamma Economics of watershed development approach to dryland agriculture Ph.D. Completed
G. Mini Water users associations and water use efficiency: With special ref. to environmental problems Ph.D. Ongoing
Institute of Economic Growth Smita Misra Water pollution abatement in small scale industries: An exploration of collective action possibilities Ph.D. Ongoing
D.V. Subba Rao Sustainable agricultural development: A quantitative exploration of semi arid region Ph.D. Completed
Jacob George Dairy development planning in India Ph.D. Completed
Seema Bathla Sustainable utilisation of ground water in Punjab M.Phil. Completed
Kiran Budhiraja Biodiversity in Sikkim Ph.D. Ongoing
Wietze Lise Common property resources: A game theoretic approach Ph.D. Completed
Vikram Dayal Economic analysis of a protected area Ph.D. Ongoing
Anita Rath Preservation value of a wetland system: A case study of Chilika Lake M.Phil. Completed
Jai Kishan Evaluation of water pollution abatement techologies in paper and pulp industry M.Phil. Ongoing
T.P. Sinha Environmental degradation and agricultural development in India M.Phil. Completed
Jadavpur University Joyashree Kar Demand for energy in Indian manufacturing industries – A quantitative approach Ph.D. Completed
Sibani Maity Input output analysis of energy resources with reference to India Ph.D. Completed
Ranjan Roy The political economy of oil and the economic development of the Gulf cooperation council countries with special on Kuwait Ph.D. Completed
Chandrima Deb Environmental consequence of parallel marketing system of LPG M.Phil. Completed
Santanu Roy     Chowdhury Economics of pollution tax, corruption and enforcement M.Phil. Completed
Subhadra Ganguly Environmental concern and abatement policies in India – An evaluation through end-of-pipe treatment cost analysis for Indian paper industry M.Phil. Completed
NA Energy consumption and choice of technology with special ref. to selected regions of rural West Bengal Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Study on marine fishing economy in India with special ref. to West Bengal Ph.D. NA
NA An empirical analysis of natural resources utilisation in Indian economy Ph.D. NA
NA Techno-economy survey of new and renewable energy policy in rural areas Ph.D. NA
NA A study on infrastructure sector in India - An input output approach Ph.D. NA
NA An analysis of demand for oil in India Ph.D. NA
NA The influence of Sharing of the Ganga Water on the economy of Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. Ph.D. NA
NA Cost benefit analysis of renewable energy technology - A case study in jute industry M.Phil. NA
NA Energy audit in Dooars Tea industry - A practical discourse M.Phil. NA
NA Role of independent power producers in the Indian economy M.Phil. NA
NA Some aspect of the integrated rural energy planning programme in India M.Phil. NA
NA Consumer's behaviour in the parallel marketing system of LPG : A macro study M.Phil. NA
NA Energy transition: 1973-95 M.Phil. NA
NA Oil demand elasticities M.Phil. NA
NA Inter fuel substitution in selected Indian manufacturing industries during post oil embargo period M.Phil. NA
NA Power - A study on decentralised generation using survey data M.Phil. NA
NA The residential consumption pattern for energy in urban sector - A case study of Calcutta using consumer expenditure survey data M.Phil. NA
NA Energy consumption in SAARC countries and possible areas of regional cooperation M.Phil. NA
NA Energy consumption and CO2 emission – Case of Indian manufacturing industries M.Phil. NA
NA An evaluation of marine fishermen economy in West Bengal – A case study M.Phil. NA
Jawaharlal Nehru University Anyndita Roy Saha The economics of energy conservation and industrial cogeneration of electricity: Case studies of certain selected industries in India Ph.D. Completed
Samvit Basu Power sector and environmental concerns Ph.D. Ongoing
Subrata Mandal Pattern of land use and ecology economy interaction Ph.D. Submitted
Surender Kumar Valuation of nonmarket resources using distance function approach – an application to measurement of environmental impact of thermal power stations Ph.D. Ongoing
Partha Sarkar Petroleum exploration models Ph.D. Ongoing
Somsankar Ghosh Lender liability and environmental impact of investment projects Ph.D. Ongoing
Prosenjit Dey   Chaudhuri Growth of urban income demand for urban passenger transport and environmental concerns M.Phil. Completed
Surender Kumar Agricultural productivity and optimal forest stock NA NA
Purnamita Dhar Energy demand projections and emissions of air pollutants: A sectoral analysis NA NA
Milind K. Pathak Carbondioxide emissions from energy consumption in the Indian economy (1970-71 to 1989-90): A study of energy-environment interaction NA NA
Arnab Kumar Hazra Economics of global warming: An analytical survey NA NA
Nandan Nawn Trade policy as an instrument for controlling environmental degradation NA NA
Saubhik  Deb Intra and inter genrational effects of groundwater overexploitation in Indian agriculture:  Issues and policies NA NA
Jeeta Mohanty Economics of common property: A case study of fishery and prawn culture in Chilika lake NA NA
Rupa Bhattacharya Analysis of environmental quality of metropolitan cities of India NA NA
Kalyani University NA Resource scarcity in India Ph.D. Completed
NA Commercial energy in India Ph.D. Ongoing
NA WTO and environmental protection Ph.D. Ongoing
Kerala Agricultural University P. Seema An economic enquiry into the impact of cement kiln dust on agriculture based on perception of farmers NA Completed
Kurukshetra University NA Impact of environmental protection programme on productivity and efficiency of industries in Haryana Ph.D. Completed
NA Ecology and economics of alternative cropping patterns in Haryana Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Economics of water pollution management – A case study of paper industry in India Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Cost benefit analysis of environmental protection programme in Indian fertilizer industry Ph.D. Ongoing
M.D. College NA Issues in changing status of common property land resources: A case study of Gujarat Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Impact of common property on income and expenditure of rural families M.Phil. Ongoing
N.A Common property resources and village economics M.Phil. NA
Madras Institute of Development Studies K. Sivasubramaniam Historical development of tank irrigation in Tamilnadu Ph.D. Completed
Millie Nihila Industrialisation and health: A study of leather tanning industry in Tamilnadu Ph.D. Completed
P. Anbazhagan Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater in Tamilnadu agriculture Ph.D. Ongoing
Ajit Menon Common property resources and joint forest management Ph.D. Ongoing
L. Venkatachalam Regional natural resource accounting Ph.D. Ongoing
S. Senthamiz Selvi Urban poverty Ph.D. Ongoing
Prakash Nelliyat Environmental damage assessment Ph.D. Ongoing
Madras School of Economics V.Anuradha A game theoretic approach to water pollution problem Ph.D. Ongoing
V.Sreekanth Policy measures to control vehicular pollution Ph.D. Ongoing
C.S.Shylajan Public policy and forest management: A study of forest economy of Kerala Ph.D. Ongoing
Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth NA Impact of Sangli sahakari karkhana on growth and development in Sangli Dist. Ph.D. NA
NA Changes in resource use structure, resource productivities, and allocation efficiency on farms in Maharashtra Ph.D. NA
MJP Rohilkhand University NA Environmental planning and economic development with Rohilkhand Region Ph.D. NA
NA Management of municipal waste – A case study of Delhi municipal corporation M.Phil. NA
Mother Teresa Women's University Shanthi Urbanisation, environment and women Ph.D. Ongoing
Beulah Property value and environmental quality: A study of Madurai district M.Phil. Completed
K.K. Saradha Solid waste management : A study of Gobi Block in Erode District M.Phil. Completed
Kalaiselvi Water pollution: A study of Erode district M.Phil. Completed
Kanakarani Industrial pollution : A study of Erode Block M.Phil. Ongoing
Seethalakshmi Energy use pattern in rural areas: A study of Erode district M.Phil. Ongoing
North-Eastern Hill University E. Kharkongor Agriculture in the hill areas of Meghalaya (A study of economic implications of environmental degradation) M.Phil. Submitted
Ramseij Khasi concept of nature M.Phil. Completed
NA Role of livestock and crop cultivationin correcting  the environmental degradation in the state of Rajasthan. Ph.D. Completed
Osmania University M. Sudha The economic costs of pollution control: A case study of Patencheru CETP M.Phil. Completed
P. Gopika Vehicular pollution in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad M.Phil. On going
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College NA Agro based industrialization of Banda district (with special ref. to environmental protection) Ph.D. Ongoing
G.B.Pant University of Agriculture & Technology NA Conservation measures in Ramganga catchment economic analysis of grassland development in Naurar watershed of Ramganga catchment in the hills of Uttar Pradesh NA Completed
Dr.Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry Pradeep Kumar Katiha Natural resource management :  A case study of reservoir fisheries in Himachal Pradesh Ph.D. NA
Rajesh Kumar Thakur Economics of hill farming system and their linkages with common property resources Ph.D. NA
Rajesh Kumar Rana Economic analysis of agro-forestry systems in mid hill zone of Himachal Pradesh Ph.D. NA
Manoj Gupta Scope of diversification of hill farming systems:  A case study of Himachal Pradesh Ph.D. NA
Rabindra Bharati University Haraprasad Roy An economic reassessment of green revolution in India with reference to environment and quality of life Ph.D. completed
Sardar Patel University Anil Shishodia Economic and environmental aspects of conjunctive water use in the mahi right bank canal command area in Gujarat Ph.D. Completed
Neha Jani Use of fertiliser in the agricultural sector – Efficiency and environmental aspects Ph.D. Ongoing
Asmita Vachchani Problem of land degradation and conservation measures M.Phil. Ongoing
Sparta Institute of social studies NA A study of working on tribal economy Folk media for environment awareness and management Ph.D. NA
NA Indigenous technology and sustainable development Ph.D. NA
NA Development without destruction A suggested framework for India Ph.D. NA
NA Crop insurance for agricultural production and food security Ph.D. NA
NA  Forest tribal interface-perspective and programmes Ph.D. NA
Saurashtra University NA Marine fisheries Ph.D. Ongoing
NA Marine fisheries and public policy, CPR management and economics of energy Ph.D. Ongoing
NA EIA, environmental issues and CPR management M.Phil. Ongoing
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University NA Socio economic and environmental consequences of shrimp farming in the coromandal coast of south India Ph.D. Completed
NA Externalities analyses and economic valuation of tannery pollution hazards in Vellore district Ph.D. Completed
Thiagarajar College S.Ilamurugu Dryland agriculture Ph.D. Completed
Union Christian College P.P.  Shobhy Health economics of leprosy eradication in an endemic district in the state of Kerala M.Phil. Completed
P. Latha Kumari Female employment in the urban informal sector M.Phil. Completed
P. Madhavi Amma Energy crisis in Kerala: Its impact on low income group Ph.D. Completed
M.S. Vijayakumari An economic analysis of IBRD lending to Kerala with special ref. water supply schemes Ph.D. Ongoing
Jose J. Naduthotty Sustainable development and planning in India Ph.D. Ongoing
K. Prasanna Trends in marketing of chemical fertilisers in Kerala Ph.D. Ongoing
Sambu Namboodhiri Economics of tourism in Kerala Ph.D. Ongoing
P.M. Rejimon Socio-economic impact of deforestation on tribals in Kerala Ph.D. Ongoing
P. Latha Kumari Environmental impact assessment of industrial activity in greater kochi Ph.D. Ongoing
K.P. Ouseph Economic agro-forestry: Policy instruments and farming practices' preferences Ph.D. Ongoing
University of Agricultural Sciences M.S. Shyama Sundar Interplay of markets, externalities, institutions, and equity in groundwater development – An economic study in the hard rock areas of Karnataka Ph.D. Completed
University of Delhi South Campus Pushpam Kumar Economics of soil erosion: A case study of upland region (Doon Valley) in India Ph.D. Completed
Pushpam Kumar Linkages of natural environment and economic development: A survey M.Phil. Completed
Rakesh Sahani International environmental standards and export competitiveness: A case study of leather industry M.Phil. Completed
University of Hyderabad B.V.Swamy Common property resources and the rural poor:  A case study of selected villages in A.P Ph.D. NA
S.D.J.M.Prasad Indegenious people and environment: A study of the RAMPA forest region in A.P Ph.D. NA
NA Environmental life support multiplier: Industrial impact assessment and sustainable development Ph.D. Completed
G.Vijay Environmental pollution:  A case study M.Phil. Completed
NA Economics of forestry: An energy demand approach M.Phil. Completed
NA Life cycle energy requirements and environmental impact of aluminum industry M.Phil. Completed
NA Environmental assessment of thermal power plants:  A case study M.Phil. Completed
University of Kalyani NA A socio-economic study of social forestry in West Bengal Ph.D. Completed
NA Some aspects of India’s energy sector: A quantitative study Ph.D. NA
NA Industry-environment conflict: A study of Sundarban Fertiliser Plant M.Phil. Completed
NA On resource scarcity in India Ph.D. Completed
NA On commercial  energy in India Ph.D. Ongoing
NA On WTO and environmental  protection Ph.D. Ongoing
University of Kerala Antony Environomics M.Phil. NA
Bindu Balagopal Water scarcity and the socio-economic problems related to it on Palakkad Dist M.Phil. NA
Omana Cheriyan Ecology, agro-climatic conditions and the cost of cultivation of paddy. M.Phil. NA
University of Madras NA Environmental impact of Acquaculture on coastal Tamilnadu Ph.D. NA
NA Urban environmental problems and solid waste management Ph.D. NA
NA Demographic profile of women in slum environment Ph.D. NA
NA Water resource management in Kanyakumari District Ph.D. NA
NA Economics of air pollution in Manali industrial area M.Phil. NA
NA Women voluntary organisations in environment management M.Phil. NA
NA Economic and environment impact of shrimp farming in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh M.Phil. NA
NA Environmental hazards of sugar industry Waste water management in Madras metropolitan area M.Phil. NA
NA Study of basic necessaries in slum environment M.Phil. NA
University of Mumbai Ajit Karnik Perspective planning for optimal energy usage:  An application to the domestic transport sector in India Ph.D. Completed
Rodrigues, C.M. Environmental issues, sustainable development and structural changes in third world countries Ph.D. Completed
Mago, A.K. Economics of energy conservation in Indian industry Ph.D. NA
University of Mysore M. Nanjundaiah Forests environment and the local community:  A case study of Coorg district Ph.D. Ongoing
Vikram University Nikhil Joshi Environment and Industrial Development in MP NA Completed
Bharati Gupta Economic impact of water pollution and cost analysis of its prevention NA Ongoing
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