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Environmental Legislations in the 70's 

The watershed event in the environmental movement was the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment in June 1972. The conference made it apparent to all attendees that each nation needed to adopt comprehensive legislation addressing health and safety issues for people, flora and fauna. The United Nations, organizers of the conference, requested each participant to provide a country report. The findings by the Indian conferees shocked even the most pro-development advocates in India. Stockholm served as the genesis for the series of environmental measures that India passed in the years to come. It has also been suggested that international events such as Stockholm provided the cover Indian officials needed to implement national environment policy without the vitriolic backlash normally expected from industry. 

The year 1972 was a landmark in the history of environmental management in India. Prior to 1972, environmental issues such as sewage disposal, sanitation and public health were dealt with independently by the different ministries without any co-ordination or realization of the interdependence of the issues. In February 1972, a National Committee on Environmental Planning and Coordination (NCEPC) was set up in the department of Science and technology, which was established as National Committee on Environmental Planning (NCEP) in April 1981,based on the recommendations of the Tiwari Committee. 

The NCEPC functioned as an apex advisory body in all matters relating to environmental protection and improvement. However due to bureaucratic problems, that NCEPC faced in coordination with the Department of Science and Technology, it was replaced by a National Committee on Environmental Planning (NCEP) with almost the same functions. 


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