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Following are the books on Environmental Economics available at MSE Library.

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Author Title Publisher Year
Ayres, Robert U.; Weaver, Paul M. eds. Eco-restructuring : implications for sustainable development Vistaar Publications 1998
Baber, Walter, F Deliberative Environmental Politics MIT Press 2005
Babkina, A.M. ed. Natural resources : issues and outlook Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2001
Baker, Susan Sustainble Development Routledge Taylor and Francis 2006
Balakrishnan, Mundanthra Environmental problems and prospects in India Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. 1993
Ballabh, Vishwa, Ed Governance of Water Sage 2008
Banister, David; Button, Kenneth; Nijkamp, Peter eds. Environment, land use and urban policy Edward Elgar 1999
Banks, Erik ed. Weather risk management Palgrave 2002
Barbier, Edwar B; Burgess, Joanne C; Folke, Carl. Paradise lost Earthscan Publication Ltd. 1995
Barbier, Edward B. The economics of environment and development Edward Elgar 1998
Barde, Jean-Philippe; Button, Kenneth eds. Transport policy and the environment : six case studies Earthscan Publications Ltd 1 1990
Barker, Terry; Ekins, Paul; Johnstone, Nick eds. Global warming and energy demand Routledge 1995
Barker, Terry; Kohler, Jonathan eds. International competitiveness and environmental policies Edward Elgar 1998
Barlow, Maude;Clarke, Tony Blue Gold Earthscan Publication Ltd. 2002
Barnett, Harold J.; Morse, Chandler Scarcity and growth : the economics of natural resource availability The Johns Hopkins Press 1963
Barrett, Alan; Lawlor, John; Scott, Sue The fiscal system and the polluter pays principle Ashgate Publishing Ltd 1997
Barro, C.J Environmental Management For Sustainable Development Routledge 1999
Barrow, C.J. Developing the environment : problems & management Longman 1995
Bartelmus, Peter Environment, growth and development: The concepts and strategies of sustainability Routledge 1994
Barthlott, W.; Winiger, M. eds. Biodiversity : a challenge for development research and policy Springer-Verlag 1998
Bartsch, Ulrich; Muller, Benito; Aaheim, Asbjorn. Fossil fuels in a changing climate Oxford University Press 2000
Baskaran, G. The environment protection act, 1986 C. Sitaraman & Co. 1998
Baskaran, G. Pollution control acts C. Sitaraman & Co. 1998
Batabyal, Amitrajeet A. ed. The economics of international environmental agreements Ashgate 2000
Batabyal, Amitrajeet; Belad, Harmid eds. The Economics of international Trade and the Environment CRC Press 2001

View Books by   Records 51 to 75 of 1025 |


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