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Following are the books on Environmental Economics available at MSE Library.

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Author Title Publisher Year
Abelson, Peter Project appraisal and valuation of the environment Macmillan Press Ltd 1996
Abmann, Dirk and Laumanns, ulrich Renewable enegy: A global review of technologies, policies and markets Earthscan, London 2006
Acharya, Rohini The emergence and growth of biotechnology : experiences in industrialised and developing countries Edward Elgar 1999
Ackerman, Frank Why do we recycle ? : markets, values, and public policy Island Press 1997
Acutt, Melinda; Mason, Pamela eds. Environmental valuation, economic policy and sustainability : recent advances in environmental economics Edward Elgar 1998
Adams, W.M Green Development Environment and Sustainabilty in a developing world Routledge 2009
Adams, W.M. Green development Routledge 2001
Agardy, Franklin, J, Ed Environmental Solutions Elsevier 2005
Agarwal, Anil ed. The price of forests : proceedings of a seminar on the economics of the sustainable use of forest resources Centre for Science and Environment 1992
Agarwal, Anil ed. The challenge of the balance : environmental economics in India : proceedings of the National Environment and Economics Meeting January 1994 Centre for Science and Environment 1997
Agarwal, Anil; Narain, Sunita, eds. Dying wisdom : rise, fall and potential of India's traditional water harvesting systems Centre for Science and Environment - State of India's Environment (A Citizen's Report) No.4 1997
Agarwal, S.K. Environmental Biotechnology APH Publishing Corporation 1998
Agarwala, V.P. Forests in India : environmental and production frontiers; 2nd ed. Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. 1990
Agrawal, Arun; Sivaramakrishnan, K. eds. Social nature OUP 2001
Agyeman, Julian Ed. Just sustainabilities Earthscan Publications Ltd. 2003
Ahmad, Yusuf, J.; El Serafy, Salah; Lutz, Ernst, eds. Environmental accounting for sustainable development World Bank 1989
Alagiri, Dhandapani, Ed Energy Security In India ICFAI University 2006
Alauddin, Mohammed; Tisdell, Clement Allan. The environment and economic development in South Asia : an overview concentrating on Bangladesh Macmillan Press Ltd 1998
Alexander, Martin Biodegradation and Bioremediation; 2nd ed. Academic Press 1999
Ambre rao, Neena Forest Ecology in india - Colonial Maharashtra 1850 -1950 Foundation books and Cambridge university press 2008
Andersen, Stephen O;Sarma, K Madhava Protecting the Ozone Layer Earthscan India 2004
Anderson, Dennis; Carendish, William Efficiency and Substitution in pollution abatement: three case studies World Bank 1992
Anderson, Mikael Skou; Sprenger, Rolf-Ulrich eds. Market-based instruments for environmental management Edward Elgar 2000
Anderson, Stephon, O Technology Transfer for the Ozone Layer Earthscan 2008
Anderson, Victor Energy efficiency policies Routledge 1993

View Books by   Records 1 to 25 of 1025 |


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